Current Members

The range will delay opening in 2020 to members only till Saturday May
16th. After that date the range will be staffed only on Saturdays
provided we get RO volunteers. A RO calendar has been setup on the
webpage for RO's to sign up for range duties and for club members to see
when the range is open
Members wishing to be an RO can send an e-mail
from the website to the RO coordinator to sign up for a date and time.
Shooting dates and time are limited by the sign up calendar. If no one
signs up the range is not open. Shooting times may be limited by
whatever time an RO is signed up so it could be only a morning or
afternoon session.

Reminder that per the county conditional use permit
requires that a range officer must be present to shoot. Winter rules for
RO's allowing RO pairs to shoot on Wednesday and Sunday applies till the
BOD opens up to more shooting dates.

Membership will initially be limited to members from the 2019 season.
Renewals for 2020 can be made by mail or when an range officer is on duty.
Social distancing is recommended for non-family members.
For the time being the refrigeratorwill not be stocked with refreshments.

Currently the Cowboy and CMP shoots are cancelled. Everyone needs to check the website and calendar
for frequent updates.

Some special events and training may still be scheduled for the back
pistol bays, this does not mean that the rifle bays are open for
shooting during these events unless an RO is present at the club house
(check the website calendar).

Signs will be posted on the gates
informing people to go to the website for detail. The club's phone
message sends people to the website for details.

Monthly club meetings are canceled for now.

The BOD wants the club to get back to business as usual as soon as
possible but that will depend on the Covid-19 outbreak and the
participation of our club members. Please be patient and be safe.